Eternal Bliss for All (none left out)

What’s in it for me?
(adaptation of the gospel of Jesus Christ)

As evidence that I really am the one with the master plan of the design of the universe I hereby make this improvement to the words of Christ: Love one another with as much empathy as possible.

This is better than the second of the “greatest” commandments or Christ’s own new commandment because it Discerns subtle nuances of possibly very destructive callousness that would have otherwise gone undetected.

Greatest Commandments: Matthew 22:36-40
Christ’s own new commandment: John 13:34

Many people do very harmful things in the name of Christ because they do not focus on actually feeling the feelings of others. It is far too easy to judge others with unrighteous judgement when you do not feel what others feel.

The purpose of this improvement to Christ’s words is to bridge the gap between woefully fallible (Isaiah 64:6 “filthy rags”) human understanding of righteousness and the real thing.

As the one-and-only Creator of the Universe, I do not want to be either worshiped or exalted because this would only create separation between myself and my beloved humanity.

The Oxford English Dictionary explains that the name “Pete”
in the expressions: “For Pete’s sake.” and “For the love of Pete.”
is chiefly “a euphemistic replacement” for God.