What will Heaven look like?

It has been my goal to become perfectly happy forever since I was sixteen years old. I have been working on this design since then. I was not sure that I had the power to make it come true until the Fall of 1995 when a minor miracle confirmed my memory of the beginning of time.

1) The world is gradually transformed into Heaven by getting everyone on the same page of loving others as oneself. Peace and joy will become permanent as people learn to live only from the best frame-of-reference.

2) God’s omnipotence is divided up into ever increasing technological innovation so that things can continue to get better forever. Without a limit on omnipotence we would quickly run out of new things.

3) Old age will be cured so that old people can grow young again, and stay young forever.

4) Interstellar space travel will be required so that humans can have physical immortality and still reproduce. This will work on the basis of folding space so that travel to anywhere in the universe will take nearly the same fixed amount of time and not vary very much with the distance.

5) To make things interesting time travel to (an infinite set of) parallel universes will be possible. By limiting time travel to parallel universes the grandfather paradox is prevented and it is impossible to spoil the surprise of one’s own future.